4 Tips to Build a Powerful Network of Friendship

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“It’s not about what you know, but who you know.”

Collaborations is a good leverage to achieve our goal. Not only it hastens the process of achieving the goal but also helping your peers a long the way.

I’ve witnessed individuals changed their life as quick as a short text message.

Some youtube stars became who they are because they had a famous friend, a little tweet VOILA! they’re succesful overnight.

Each friend possess something that you don’t have. But with proper mindset it will best to compliment each other for the benefit of both instead of the “crab mentality”.

These are 4 Tips to Build a Powerful Network of Friendship:

1. Start with yourself

You must learn who you are and what you want. what translate from you came from the inner you. Nobody wants a fake person. A slight sence of fraud will not be healthy for the friendship. You must be genuine with each other.

First, you must ask What do you want to achieve?

Then I want you to check your Phone contacts right NOW and check Who are able to contribute in your current cirle? What type of people are you looking to add to your network? As this is an exchange you must give them a reason why they would want to work with you.

2. Maintain your relationships

Chances are your current circle in college is your friends but How many friends have you had no contact since you started to go to school? each with different background and capabilities to add value in your network.

How many times have you needed something from someone, but you were afraid to ask because you hadn’t spoken in ages?. I know! didn’t want to contact my friend because he is useful to me and the bad side if you ask that person for a favor it would backfire on you.

If only facebook came earlier it would be easier to be attach but it still requires effort to keep up with your friends.

I suggest you list all the holidays and ready greetings to catch up with them as many oppurtunities as possible. Even by just commenting or liking his/her posts in facebook atleast make them feel your presence that you got their back in times of need.

3. Refer your Friends to your Friends

Our friends also has their own goal and sometimes lack connections. That’s where we come in to help.

I remember my friend who has a supermarket family business in their province and needed eco-bags to be used as an alternative to plastic bags as an ordinance by the mayor in their province. Then I met my friend back when we were still in highschool I remembered he supplies ecobags and all kinds of bags. That same night we made a groupchat with me introducing them to each other, the next day production was made and the day after the bags arrived.

Life made it hard to achieve success. So that we can feel the sweet and orgasmic feeling of success. So start now, Know what you want and make an effort to reach out you’ll never know what oppurtunities await.


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