What are you upto this Christmas?

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
christmas tree

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“You know that feeling whenever you hear a Christmas song?”

It seems like you have sudden shift of mood. I don’t know about you but with me it makes me ecstatic. Memories flood my brain and I can’t help but feel good. It is also the coldness of this time of the year that makes me feel like everything’s gonna be fun! Yeah, I may sound like a child but this is one of the holidays that I’ve been looking forward to.

For some, this is also the time of the year where they can that single present that they’ve been looking forward all year. It can be a new bike, or a new iPad, or the latest Samsung phone, or even a trip to Singapore. It is safe to say that people are more generous during this season. More shops and establishments are on sale as early as the first day of September and when the month of December started there are even more Christmas perks that you’ll be getting and limited edition coffees of that famous coffee shop where everybody is getting crazy about to complete for that one precious planner.

“Other people view Christmas as a
vacation from work or even from school.”

It’s been a long tiring year and you can’t wait to have your little escapade somewhere else. A week away from the stress you’ve been all getting here in the city would be awesome. Anyway it’s Christmas, why would they refuse you of such privilege if you’ve been working all year. You probably deserve it anyway. Free from long lines in train stations, annoying buses which always cut you, frozen food you buy at the convenience stores, people who always bugs you about anything, a break is actually something you are looking forward to and you are getting it this Christmas.
There are also some people who see this as an opportunity for their business to sell big! This is maybe the big break that they are looking for. This must be the time that they’ve been waiting for where their lives will be change forever and this season where everyone is in the mood to buy anything that excites them will be a good time for them to sell big and prove the doubters that they can be big. That they can actually be it.

In the other side of the earth, there can be also a dying man who will have this Christmas as his last. He reminisces the times where he experienced life. He maybe thinking that this are precious hours and every second that he can muster will be spent here in his death bed as his wife and children excruciatingly waiting for the things to come and also wants to freeze the time so they can be together for a longer time.

Now I wonder as you are reading this, what are you looking forward to this Christmas? Are you even thinking about it or you just let this one pass and let things the way they should be? I’m not suggesting anything here for you to do or make a list that you can follow to make sure that you are not putting this season to waste. I just think that we should be grateful that we are breathing to witness another Christmas celebration. Whatever it is that we are up to, just make sure that it is something that will make you happy and something that when you remember will make you smile. For anything that its worth what I’m looking forward this Christmas is to be home. For I know that it is only then that I can feel that it is indeed a reason to celebrate.

-Sarah Rodriguez

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