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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
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When I was still young at around 5 years old I asked my Dad to give me a business for Christmas. Yes, At a very young age I already want to be rich simply because my Parents won’t buy me my WANTS though my NEEDS were given to me more than enough.

Clothes and school supplies. I remember my Notebooks back then was the most expensive ones (cattleya notes) for a kid I was very lucky and my pencils were Faber Castle. Everyone in class would know what my notebook looks like every time the teacher ┬ádistributes our notebook it was already understood which was mine. My bags were always new Jansport to be specific always releases new designs every month. My shoes was always new and I insensitive that I’d always run with my leather shoes that won’t even last for a month because it has holes already haha.

Every break time, I was really jealous of the kids with the latest toys and gadgets. My parents did not bought me a single toy. I worked hard to save my allowance and earn in order to buy my toys. Whenever I bought a new one I’d hide it from them haha due to the fear that they might get angry or something but it never happened because not even once I was caught or it’ just because they didn’t care I think?

My Dad and I would only bond together in Business. He is always busy and reads a lot of things related to business. Though I love to learn and listen about it turned out it was a good thing for me.

The Mani ni Jess was planned when I was still 5 years old. My Dad has a lot of sketch of it and planned for it really well. But due to some events and things happened we forgot about it and it never came out. Due to God’s blessing I was able to master the cooking of peanuts and looking for the right packaging was really hard. though it is in it’s infancy stage I’m blessed with my friends and family who ┬ákeeps on supporting me.

here are some images of the Mani ni Jess.

mani Sign


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