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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
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I always dreamed of being an artist but highly discouraged due to the fact that artists doesn’t really have a sustainable income unlike other profession but after a lot of errands and hard work at last it is up and running. It took me a lot of time, courage and money to establish lucrations. I had to ask favors from my friends to do collaborations with me fortunately they were there to support me 100%

I try my best to squeeze in my time because a lot of job orders are coming in from different organization that I do for free and fun. Also it was really hard to do collaborations with my friends because we usually had different schedules.

Christmas is fast approaching and there are still a lot of designs to be done though I’m gonna launch the website of lucrations hope you guys love it. I will give updates on techniques and guides on the different projects I do as together we go along in the journey spreading creativity all over the world.

Lucrations started to be a teenage online diary lol blaming everyone and everything for the misfortunes of a kid hihi. Here you can see some images of the old logos.

By the way we are open for projects and interns as we expand just email us at will be glad to reply as soon as possible that’s a promise



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